Mahatma Gandhi University, Nalgonda(TS).

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Mahatma Gandhi University, Nalgonda(TS).

The office of the Student’s welfare is established in the University for the Welfare of the students. This office is actively involved in issuing bus passes/railway passes to the daily passenger students, organizes Annual Sports Meet in the university. This office organizes health awareness camp, helps the University Teaching Departments Students to Participates in the inter College tournament and inter university tournament in various games. This Office organizes of Educational and Industrial Tours to different places of university Teaching Department students.

Duties/Responsibilities of the Students Welfare Officer:

Nearly 70 percent of the registered students in the University , live in the different hostels of the University.

• To arrange for Boarding , Studying , playing , Entertainment and Security of the boys/girls living in hostels.

• To provide medical facilities for sick students.

• To help students in getting fee-concession, fellowship , stipend or in procuring part-time jobs.

• To inform guardians about welfare of the students.

• Organizing Sports –competitions in the University from time to time thereby ensuring representations of the University in Inter-university Sports competitions.

• To maintain discipline among students in the university is also a responsibility of the Students Welfare Officer.

• Maintaining a ragging free campus.

• To act as proctor of the institute.

• To ensure discipline in and outside the institute.

• Organization of extra-curricular activities.

• Liaison with parents / guardians about their progress and

• Coordinate merit cum means scholarships and other scholarships.

• To monitor the working of Vendors and shops including checking of rates of commodities sold.

• Quality of material related to students

• Managing the Alumni affairs

Students, Welfare Officer
Mr.L. Madhu, MA(Ph.D)
Department of Social Work

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."