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Academic Audit Cell




Assistant Director




To enable, nurture and produce employable professional graduates from the affiliated college system useful to Society.


To promote a healthy and enabling teaching-learning culture wherein adequate quality of delivery mechanisms are ensured in the affiliated college system and to channelize the energies of the youth in constructive activities of the Nation.

The Director, Academic Audit Cell will conduct the academic audit in various colleges under the control of university. He verifies the programmes in comparison with the guidelines prescribed by the university, the Government and also the UGC/AICTE/TSCHE/NCTE/BCI/RCI. The Director submits periodical reports to the University Authorities and also to the colleges concerned to ensure that the academic programmes are carried out in consonance with the policy of the University/ Government and regulatory bodies.

The Office of the Academic Audit Cell was established in the year 2012 in order to monitor effectively the academic and administrative functioning of affiliated colleges under the jurisdiction of Mahatma Gandhi University. The purpose of the Academic and Administrative Audit is to evaluate the performance of the University Departments, Affiliated colleges and appreciate their achievements and give suggestions for further improvement of the quality of teaching, research, administration, and curricular and extra-curricular activities. Academic Audit Cell will conduct the academic audit in all affiliated colleges under the jurisdiction of the University.

The Academic Audit performs several functions such as

  • Grant of affiliation and extension of affiliation to the colleges and courses under different faculties
  • Conducting Orientation programs to the Principals / Chief Superintendents of affiliated colleges with regard to Admission and Examination rules.
  • Supervision over admissions at the Undergraduate level.
  • Surprise Visits / Inspections for affiliated colleges to strengthen the academics
  • Nomination of University representative on the Governing Bodies and selection committee of Private Colleges with the approval of Vice- Chancellor
  • Ratification of appointments of teaching staff in private colleges and getting, approval by the Vice- Chancellor
  • Action on matters pertaining to revision of Syllabus at the Undergraduate level, monitoring the Departmental conferences
  • Supervision and enforcement of coverage of Syllabi in all UG/ PG Colleges
  • Review and enforcement of requirements with regard to attendance of students
  • Supervision and monitor for smooth and fair conduct of UG/ PG Examinations and all the Professional Courses and Collection of University fees from the Colleges.