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IQAC was constituted in Mahatma Gandhi University on 8thJuly, 2013 under the Chairmanship of the Vice Chancellor to function as a nodal agency of the institution for quality-related issues.

Dr.K. Sridevi, Director, Department of Commerce

Mrs.G. Laxmiprabha, Coordinator, Department of Management Studies

S.No. Name/Designation Member
1 The Vice-Chancellor, MGU Chairperson
2 The Registrar, MGU Member
3 The Principal, UCA&SS, MGU, NLG Member
4 The Principal, UCC&BM, MGU, NLG Member
5 The Principal, UCS, MGU, NLG Member
6 The Principal, UCE&T, MGU, NLG Member
7 The Director, Academic Audit Cell, MGU Member
8 The Controller of Examinations, MGU, NLG Member
9 The Director, Directorate of Admissions, MGU, NLG Member
10 The Director, Hostels &Messes, MGU, NLG Member
11 The Secretary, University Sports Board, MGU, NLG Member
12 The Programme Coordinator, NSS, MGU Member
13 Dr. Aluvala Ravi, Associate Professor, MGU, NLG Member
14 Dr.M. Sreelakshmi, Associate Professor, MGU, NLG Member
15 Dr.B. Saritha, Associate Professor, MGU, NLG Member
16 Dr. Annapoorna R.S.Butti, Associate Professor, MGU, NLG Member
17 Dr.M.Vasantha, Associate Professor, MGU, NLG Member
18 Dr. R.Rekha, Associate Professor, MGU, NLG Member
19 Dr. K. Anji Reddy, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, MGU, NLG Member
20 Dr. Ravi Akula, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, MGU, NLG Member
21 Prof. Sriram Venkatesh, Osmania University, Hyderabad External Member
22 Prof. R.Nageshwar Rao, Osmania University, Hyderabad External Member
23 Sri. Gona Reddy, Social Activist, Nalgonda External Member
24 The Assistant Registrar, MGU, NLG Member
25 Dr. K. Sridevi, Director, IQAC, MGU, NLG Member Convener

  • To ensure continuous improvement in the entire operations of theinstitution, and
  • To assure stakeholders connected with higher education - namely, students,parents, teachers, staff, would-be employers, funding agencies and societyin general - of the accountability of the institution for its own quality andprobity.

  • Timely, efficient and progressive performance of academic, administrativeand financial tasks.
  • The relevance and quality of academic and research programmes.
  • Equitable access to and affordability of academic programmes for varioussections of society.
  • Optimization and integration of modern methods of teaching and learning.
  • The credibility of evaluation procedures.
  • The adequacy, maintenance and proper allocation of support structure andservices.
  • Research sharing and networking with other institutions in India andabroad.

  1. Ensure heightened level of clarity and focus in institutional functioning towards quality enhancement
  2. Ensure internalization of the quality culture
  3. Ensure enhancement and integration among the various activities of the institution and institutionalize good practices.
  4. Provide a sound basis for decision making to improve institutional functioning act as a dynamic system for quality changes in the HEIs.
  5. Build an organized methodology of documentation and internal communications

Organized one day programme on Quality Enhancement -The Role of IQAC under the chairman ship ofProf. K.Narsimha Reddy,Former Vice Chancellor on 23 July 2015. For the same special Invitees are Prof. Veera Reddy, Vice Chancellor, Satavahana University,Prof. Bhagyanarayana, Vice Chancellor, Palamuru University, Prof. Venkaiah, Vice Chancellor, Krishna University, Prof.Krishna Naik, Vice Chancellor Rayalaseema University and External members of IQAC have shared their views on Quality, enhancement of quality through NAAC, Role of IQAC etc., to the teaching and non-teaching staff of Mahatma Gandhi University. In continuation to this the following activities are proceeded by the committee are

  1. Applied for the UGC financial assistance to establish IQAC office
  2. First meeting held on 15th May 2015 for all IQAC members
  3. The chairperson of IQAC decided to proceed for NAAC in this year, in this regard
  4. With the approval of IQAC members, on 16th May 2015 Letter of Intent (LOI) submitted by the Registrar, MGU
  5. The soft copy of SSR format is circulated to all the concerned members for data collection.
  6. The soft copy of departmental profile has sent to all heads through principals.
  7. Second meeting held on 24th June 2015 for the IQAC members, Principals and Heads of various departments at conference room, MGU LOI is accepted got the confirmation through emailon June 25th, 2015.
  8. NAAC Committee is constituted with 8 Faculty and 2 Non-Teaching staffto proceed for NAAC.
  9. The members of NAA C committee are two regular faculty from each college have been nominated by the IQAC members
  10. On 6th July 2015 the third IQAC meeting was held for IQAC members, NAAC members, Principals, Heads of various department at conference hall,MGU.
  11. Student Feedback form for faculty evaluation is approved.
  12. Recently invited the expert Prof. U.Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy, IQAC Director, Osmania University to talk on Assessment and Accreditation through NAAC for all teaching staff on 22nd July 2015 from 11 am to 2.30pm.
  13. The preparation of SELF STUDY REPORT of MGU for NAAC is in progress.