Friday, January 27, 2023


The Directorate of Placement Services, Mahatma Gandhi University has been playing a proactive role for in extending the placement & Training services. The Office of the Directorate of Placement Services always takes lead in identifying the needs of our students, designing capacity building activities, projecting their competencies to employers and providing a forum for placement activities in the Campus. Basically this Office at the Campus works as a nodal agency for University to create an environment for the Placement activities in the respective colleges.

Corporate houses and other institutions desirous of recruiting from amongst the students of any disciplines of Mahatma Gandhi University are invited to get in touch with Director, Dr. Sabina Rachel Harold.

You may communicate to the Office Of Directorate of Placement Services, MGU for any other queries the following details.

Dr. Y. Prashanthi
Contact Number: 9010203857
Email Id :