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Mahatma Gandhi University, Nalgonda Mahatma Gandhi University,Mahatma Gandhi University, Nalgonda Mahatma Gandhi University,Mahatma Gandhi University, Nalgonda Mahatma Gandhi University,Mahatma Gandhi University, Nalgonda Mahatma Gandhi University,

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Mahatma Gandhi University, Nalgonda(TS).
Ph.D Programme
Rules & Regulations : || Ph.D., Programme
Download Department of Management Studies (Pre-PhD).pdf
Download Commerce (Pre-PhD).pdf
Download Mathematics (Pre-PhD).pdf
Download Biotechnology (Pre-PhD).pdf
Download Economics (Pre-PhD).pdf
Download Chemistry (Pre-PhD).pdf
Download Biochemistry (Pre-PhD).pdf

Post Graduate Syllabus
CBCS Rules & Regulations : || PG Programmes || MBA Programme || MCA Programme

Download MBA Integrated.pdf
Download MBA TTM.pdf
Download M.S.W.pdf
Download M.A Economics.pdf
Download M.A English.pdf
Download MBA Genaral.pdf
Download M.Sc Botany.pdf
Download M.A History.pdf
Download M.Com CBCS Syllabus.pdf
Download M.Sc Zoology CBCS.pdf
Download M.Sc Physics.pdf
Download M.Sc. Geology CBCS.pdf
Download M.Sc Biotechnology.pdf
Download M.Sc. 5Yr Integrated Pharmaceutical Chemistry CBCS.pdf
Download M.Sc Mathematics I and II Semester.pdf
Download M.C.A I and II Semester.pdf
Download M.Sc Organic Chemistry.pdf
Download M.COM (CBCS)-2019-20.pdf
Download M.Sc. Biochemistry CBCS.pdf
Download M.A Telugu.pdf
Download M.A Political Science.pdf

[PG] - III Semester ID / Open Elective Papers

Download Cultural History of India.pdf
Download Chemistry of Biomolecules and Methods of Study.pdf
Download Concepts of Biotechnology.pdf
Download Basic Statistics.pdf
Download Environmental Chemistry.pdf
Download Telangana Economy.pdf
Download English for Competitive Exams.pdf
Download Disaster Management.pdf

[PG] - IV Semester ID / Open Elective Papers

Download Applications of Biotechnology.pdf
Download Indian Economy.pdf
Download Chemistry in Day to Day Life.pdf
Download Watershed Management.pdf
Download Corporate Social Responsibility.pdf
Download Human Resource Management.pdf
Download Health and Immune System.pdf
Download Clinical Biochemistry, Nutrition and Immunology.pdf

[PG] - Add On Courses

Download Human Values and Professional Ethics.pdf
Download Communicative English and Soft Skills.pdf

Under Graduate Syllabus
CBCS Rules & Regulations : || UG Programmes


Download Telugu Modern Language.pdf
Download Urdu Second Language 2019-20.pdf
Download Sanskrit Second Language.pdf
Download English Modern Language.pdf
Download English First Language.pdf
Download Arabic Second Language 2019-20.pdf
Download Telugu Second Language.pdf
Download Arabic Second Language.pdf
Download General English Language CBCS 2020-21.pdf
Download English Modern Language 2019-20.pdf
Download Hindi Second Language 2019-20.pdf
Download Urdu Second Language.pdf
Download English First Language 2019-20.pdf
Download Hindi Second Language.pdf
Download Telugu Second Language CBCS (2019-20).pdf
Download Telugu Modern Language 2019-20.pdf

[UG] - COMMERCE  [ Click here for B.Com template ]

Download BCom Computer Applications CBCS (2019-20).pdf
Download B.Com Honours CBCS.pdf
Download B.Com Computer Applications CBCS (2019-20).pdf
Download BCom Computer Applications CBCS.pdf
Download BCom General CBCS.pdf
Download B.Com Tax Practices & Procedures CBCS.pdf
Download BCom Computers CBCS.pdf
Download BCom Advertising Sales Promotion & Sales Mgt. CBCS.pdf
Download B.Com Foreign Trade CBCS.pdf
Download BCom General CBCS (2019-20).pdf

[UG] - SCIENCES  [ Click here for B.Sc template ]

Download B.Sc Mathematics CBCS.pdf
Download B.Sc Microbiology CBCS.pdf
Download B.Sc Chemistry CBCS 2019-20.pdf
Download B.Sc Biotechnology (I & II) 2019-20.pdf
Download B.Sc Microbiology 2019 - 20.pdf
Download B.Sc Botany CBCS 2019-20.pdf
Download B.Sc Statistics 2019-20.pdf
Download B.Sc Zoology CBCS.pdf
Download B.Sc Computer Science 2019-20.pdf
Download B.Sc Genetics 2019-20.pdf
Download B.Sc Computer Applications (Voc).pdf
Download B.Sc Zoology CBCS 2019-20.pdf
Download B.Sc Biochemistry (I & II) 2019-20.pdf
Download B.Sc. Mathematics CBCS Common Core 2019_20.pdf
Download B.Sc Geology CBCS.pdf
Download B.Sc Electronics CBCS.pdf
Download B.Sc Computer Applications.pdf
Download B.Sc Geology 2019 - 20.pdf
Download B.Sc Statistics CBCS.pdf
Download B.Sc Biochemistry CBCS Syllabus.pdf
Download B.Sc Computer Science CBCS.pdf
Download B.Sc Physics CBCS (2019-20).pdf
Download B.Sc Physics CBCS.pdf
Download B.Sc Geography 2019-20.pdf
Download B.Sc Chemistry CBCS.pdf
Download B.Sc Biotechnology CBCS.pdf
Download B.Sc Botany CBCS.pdf
Download B.Sc Applied Nutrition & Public Health CBCS.pdf

[UG] - SOCIAL SCIENCE  [ Click here for BA template ]

Download B.A Public Administration Revised 2019-20.pdf
Download B.A History CBCS_Revised 2019-20.pdf
Download B.A Office Management.pdf
Download B.A Computer Applications.pdf
Download B.A History.pdf
Download B.A Computer Applications 2019-20.pdf
Download B.A Economics CBCS_ Revised 2019-20.pdf
Download B.A Political Science.pdf
Download B.A Computer Applications (Voc).pdf
Download B.A Economics.pdf
Download B.A Public Administration.pdf
Download B.A Geography 2019-20.pdf
Download B.A Political Science Revised 2019-20.pdf
Download B.A Statistics 2019-20.pdf

[UG] - BBA (General) Programme

Download BBA (General) Program.pdf

[UG] - Foundation Courses

Download Entrepreneurship and Development.pdf
Download Gender Sensitisation.pdf
Download Environmental Science 2019-20.pdf
Download Computer skills.pdf
Download AECC- Basic Computer Skills 2019-20.pdf
Download AECC- Fundamentals of Computers 2019-20.pdf
Download Biostatistics.pdf

[UG] - Skill Enhancement Courses

Download III Semester Skill Enhancement Courses.pdf
Download V Semester Skill Enhancement Courses.pdf
Download IV Semester Skill Enhancement Courses.pdf
Download VI Semester Skill Enhancement Courses.pdf

Rural Engagement Programmes for UG & PG
Rules & Regulations : || UG & PG Programmes

Download Rural Engagement (Chemistry).pdf
Download Rural Entrepreneurship Development ( Management Studies).pdf
Download Rural Social Work (Social Work).pdf
Download Rural Economics (Economics & Commerce).pdf
Download Rural Tourism (Management Studies).pdf
Download Rural Health Science (Life Sciences).pdf
Download Rural Engagement (Geology).pdf

Other Course Syllabus

Download LL.B. (5YDC).pdf
Download B.Lib.I.Sc.pdf
Download B.Ed. Curriculum (For Regular Mode) 2018-2020.pdf
Download B.P.Ed..pdf
Download D.P.Ed..pdf
Download LL.B. (3YDC).pdf
Download B.Ed. Curriculum (For Regular Mode).pdf
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